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Hi my fiance and I had sex 2 days before I ovulated and now here I am 12 dpo and I have a negative result with an early test...I am always tired naucious and breasts are sore and also I had milky white discharge two days ago...someone please help I want to be pregnant so bad I just don't understand why it was a negative if my period is due in two days...also I have somewhat irregular periods if I am testing too early when should I test because I don't know the exact date my period is due...just an estimate


Hi Guest,

It may have been a bit early to test.  It takes time for the hCG to rise high enough to be detected.  Also, use your morning urine, wakeup pee, to increase the accuracy.

Theoretically, you can test as soon as two weeks after having sex.  I suggest waiting until your period is late.  Testing early false negatives are common.  For  many women the tests don't work reliably.

Odds of pregnancy, when everything is "perfect" is only about 1 in 5.  Don't get frustrated if you don't get pregnant right away.  We don't consider fertility issues until a year has passed.

Hang in there.  Good luck.