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my period lasts 4 days and my Fioncé came in me those last 2 days of my period. i really want to know if i can get pregnant, and sense im very irregular i dont really know when it could be the best time to take the HPT.  We really want to know if I have i chance of getting pregnant.  Please answer we're kinda desperate to know %-) :-)


Hi guest,

It all depends upon when you ovulate.

Most women would ovulate between days 11-16 (28 day cycle).  Sperm can live up to about 5 days.  The egg is only viable for about 48 hours.

You had sex on day 4.  At best, the sperm would be viable up to about day 9.  It was likely a bit early.

It's hard to say when to test.  It takes some time for the level of hCG to rise high enough to be detected.  "False negatives" are common testing early.  "False positives" are not.  Give yourself about 3-4 weeks.  If still negative and no period, retest 7-10 days later.

To find out when is the best time to try to conceive check out basal temperature.