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Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex a few times but i never ejaculated inside her...
The last time we had it unprotected was a few weeks ago(maybe 1 or 2) and for the past week she has been feeling dizzy, nausea, bloated, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal pain in the upper right part of her stomach, and she said it sometimes hurts when she lays on her right side when she sleeps. I remember she said the pain used to feel like a stabbing feeling, but not anymore although it still hurts a little. 
On some days she would feel very tired and gag(sort of vomit) but that only happened once. 

Shes getting her period on the 6 or 8 of September, and she also has both types of i don't know for sure if she is pregnant or not...or am i getting confused with the symptoms of her period or mono. She also does soccer, and they have double sessions which means 2 hours of practice in the morning and 2 hours of practice in the afternoon, which explains the tiredness...
She hasn't gained any weight, her stomach is not getting bigger, her breasts hurt/tender because shes getting her please help

were only 16 i don't think were ready for a baby...i already know what you are gonna say...having sex at this age...just help me.


If you didn't ejaculate in her then the odds are low, but there is still a chance.

Lots of her symptoms could be explained by mono. It can take a while to recover from.

Watch for "spotting" in the next few days. If she's pregnant it would be implantation bleeding. It would be very light. If she doesn't have her period when expected, she can take a home pregnancy test. She should use her first morning urine, it is more concentrated so it would be more likely to show if she was pregnant. False negatives are common testing early, false positives are not.

Keep us posted. We're not judging you, we're here to help.

Good luck.

Loading... say you never ejaculated inside.but what about this time?was it inside ejaculation?anyway,if it was outside there is nothing to worry.but if inside, at this stage all the sympotns you mention do not necessarily confirm to a pregnancy.The only thing you will have to wait for is her menstruation cycle.if it doesnt happen, its an alarm.In that case you must go for er pregnancy test.only then it can be confirmed.