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Okay so my wife had her period from the 9th to the 11th or 13th of this month then we had sex on theof this month 23 I didn't ejaculate in her vagina exactly I ejaculated on it and I got I rubbed it on my finger and put it in her vagina then we had sex right after without a condom is there a chance she can be pregnant? We took test but I still think its to early is there over a 50% chance she can be pregnant...


Hi Gallegos,

Yes, there is a chance but it is no where near 50%.  Even when everything is "perfect" her chances of pregnancy are only 20%.  That's as good as they get.  You had sex on the 23rd, about day 14 of her cycle so near her peak fertility.

It's too early to test.  You need to wait AT LEAST two weeks after having sex OR until her next period is due.  Testing early, false negatives are common.  She must use her first morning urine for the best accuracy.  It takes time for hcg, the pregnancy hormone, to rise high enough to be detected.

Having sex just after ejaculating (even if you'd worn a condom prior) there is a chance of pregnancy.  Any semen (not precum) in your urethra would get squeezed out and deposited into her vagina. 

Hope it helps.