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I am looking for some help with a yeast infection that I am experiencing at the moment. I know that this kind of thing is usually women's territory, and that is why I am asking if the treatment is the same as it is for women. What natural cures for yeast infections in men would you suggest?


I had this damn problem for 6 months and finally realized that this wouldn't go away without the elimination of refined sugars and alcohol.

It's so annoying problem to have, and you must get Diflucan (which is by prescription), I also tried the new Canesoral which is available without a prescription and also works fine, both single dose pills have 150MG of Fluconazole which is the yeast killer. I strongly advise that you stop drinking for at least 6 months and take 4 acidophillous everyday on an empty stomach.

This is a terrible problem that can get worse if you don't treat it properly and can spread very very fast through the body and trust me, you don't want this.

If you really want to go all natural then you absolutely must go on a water diet for 2 days followed by 3 months of what I call the "living diet" where you don't eat anything that has been through any factory. Basically the fresh food section in your local grocery store is the only section you can shop in.

But remember, NO SUGAR OR ALCOHOL of any kind or your infection will get dramatically worse, even if you don't have signs on your penis you'll start getting unexplainable rashes over your body that most doctors will deny is a infection.


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