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Ok, I'll just get straight to the point.

I'm an asian 16 year old girl and has a steady boyfriend for 4 years already. We're really in love with each other and has even met each others parents. My parents adores him and vice versa. I plan to give him my virginity on our anniversary which is only a month away and the thing that's bothering me now is that...well as obvious as it is already, I have yeast infection.

I've gotten the yeast infection in March 2010 and I didnt know it was actually said infection until a week ago. I cant tell my mother because she'll think unrealistic things so seeing a doctor is out of the question. I had goggled some other remedies and found that plain yogurt, garlic and honey is effective. Yogurt is way out of my line since I hate it and I almost puked eating a cup earlier so yeah. I love eating garlic but the problem is I have to use cheesecloth(which I dont have one at all) to wrap it up and stick it in my vagina. I'm not sure about the honey since I've only seen it once in a website on how to cure yeast infections.

So can anyone just voice their opinions and sugeestions to help me with my problem please? I'm very desperate here to cure myself from this disease for I fear that I'll be having it with me, uncured, until I'm 18 and said infection is REALLY irritating.


A yeast infection is an overgrowth of bad bacteria. To prevent/treat this, you need to have more good bacteria available than bad. The good bacteria (aka probiotics, acidophilus, etc.) are responsible for maintaining immune function, digestive health, among other things. Yogurt is a good source, however if you already have a yeast infection, a supplement will be much stronger and more effective.

Look for a probiotic supplement at your health store that has atleast 20 billion cfu per pill. The more the better. Garlic also has antibiotic properties, so a supplement would help also. (Or eating a lot if you don't mind the garlic breath!)

Bad bacteria thrive on sugar and mucous, so eliminate dairy, white sugar, white flour, and white rice from your diet. The more greens in your diet the better, as they are very cleansing.

If this doesn't work, a prescription antibiotic may be necessary. But if watch your diet carefully and take the right supplements, the odds are in your favor!

Good luck and congrats on your wedding!!