Canadians Karen and J.P. Jepp have learned at their second ultrasounds that they will become parents of not twins but quadruplets. This is a very rare incidence that occurs in one-in-13-million pregnancies that a woman naturally conceives quadruplets.

No doctors could believe that Karen used no fertility drugs and that the twin girls were conceived naturally.

The girls were born seven months ago but this is the first time the parents made public appearance and are very surprised by all the attention being lavished on their family.

Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia Jepp have captured international headlines. The girls were born at 31 weeks and are progressing well but still have to stay in the hospital until they gain weight. Their weights at birth ranged between two pounds six ounces and two pounds 15 ounces.

With the help of the hospital stuff, the Jepp’s are learning how to care for four babies at once. A few days ago, the babies were breastfed for the first time. The family already has a two year old son who has still not met his four sisters. The Jepp’s, who have lived in a two-bedroom townhouse are looking for a new house, a van and at least four of everything.

The family is afraid that they might have problems with identifying the girls. So far, the girls had their names posted above their hospital beds but when they come home, they’ll have to think of a way to avoid confusion, maybe colour-code the girls with nail polish.

Physicians are stunned at the girls’ progress and good health. They say it’s highly unusual for such multiple births to be healthy. They have also had problems with monitoring the progress of the pregnancy since traditional methods of monitoring weren’t possible.