A 25 year-old British woman gave birth to identical triplets. The babies were delivered at Feldkirch hospital, in Vorarlberg in western Austria. Having three identical triplets is very rare and occurs in one out of 200 million births.

The three baby girls - Amy, Kim and Zoe were delivered by Caesarian section in the 33rd week of pregnancy, each weighing 1,500 grams (3.3 pounds). This was the ideal time to have such a birth because the risks of fatalities increase dramatically after that.

The mother and the girls were very lucky because normally the triplet foetuses die early on in a pregnancy. The doctors are very satisfied of having all three girls surviving. They will be closely watched for the next few weeks to avoid any possible complications.

Peter Schwaerzler, the family doctor reported that the chances of having identical triplets from natural fertilization where artificial insemination had not been used were very small, with the incidence of one in 200 million.