Twin girls from Canada, Krista and Tatiana, were delivered by caesarean section two days ago. They represent a very rare case of conjoined twins at their heads. So far, they are doing fine but it is not yet know if they can be separated. They are still very small and weak to undergo any tests. It will take another three or four months until doctors will be able to examine them and determine how much of the brain they share.

It is thought that they share quite a proportion since both girls react if legs of one girl are tickled. Tests done before they were born showed that they shared at least two brain lobes but had separate brain stems.
The girls weighed 5,760 grams at birth and are of equal size and length. Besides being conjoined, they are otherwise healthy and are breathing without any medical assistance.

There is a big ethical and moral dilemma between the doctors if they should even try to separate the girls if it proves possible. However, the decision will be made by the parents.