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I wanted to be a voice for women out there who are pregnant, planning on getting pregnant etc. I have had two healthy babies born while I was on Subutex and Suboxone and they had NO withdrawals. I have been on the Suboxone program for about 5 yrs. I researched alot before we decided to get pregnant. I truley believe the key to having a healthy baby with no withdrawals is to take as little as possible. I got down to .5mg with my first child. I took a 2mg pill and cut it into four quaters and took a quater a literally was the size of a crumb. My second child i was on Suboxone and took a max of 8mg a day. It also was born withdrawal free. I would advise all women on this medication to take as little as you can...for the sake of your precious baby. Please. And also your Ob. They need to know. Its the right thing to do. My dr was WONDERFUL. She was not judgmental at all. Your baby may have to stay 3 xtra days in the hospital to be watched for withdrawals. This was the protocol with my second child. My baby only stayed 1 xtra day because i was on such a low dose the NIC unit dr let us go early. A definite life saver because my family does not know i am on this medication. I just told them my baby was being extra day due to low blood sugar. So ladies get down to as low as you can and your baby should be fine. And by low i mean as you can.possibly go. Seriously. Its all about your baby now.


I just wanted to reply to this bc it makes me angry when I read all these stories of women saying everything will be ok with their babies while taking subutex during pregnancy bc it is not always the case. i have had 2 babies both born addicted to subutex. My first I was on 24mg so with my second I got down to 2mg but the dosage didn't matter bc they both had withdrawals. I just want all pregnant women taking subutex know that their is a chance your baby will go through withdraws no matter what dose you are on. If you can wean off I would suggest doing it in the second trimester under supervision of course and give your baby a chance to be born and not go through the pain of withdrawls.