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A 27-year-old Egyptian woman, from the coastal city of Alexandria, delivered septuplets early Saturday morning.

The woman in question, Ghazala Khamis, had to receive a blood transfusion during her Caesarean section due to bleeding but is now feeling well and so are all the seven babies, four boys and three girls. Caesarean section had to be done at the end of Khamis' eighth month of pregnancy because of the pressure the babies were putting on her kidneys.

The newborns weigh between 3.2 pounds and 6.17 pounds and are all in stable condition. The babies had to be placed in incubators in four different hospitals that have special premature baby units but none of the babies have any sort of deformities or incomplete organs, hospital medical stuff has confirmed.

A doctor who has delivered the babies says that this is a very rare pregnancy and that it is his first experience of such kind in the 33 years that he has been in this profession.

Khamis already has three daughters but was still taking fertility drugs in order to get a son. The whole family was astonished when they learned Khamis was having septulets and they even thought of abortion but then they realized it was religiously forbidden and let the God's will prevail.
Egypt's health minister announced that the seven babies will be receiving free milk and diapers for the following two years.


This is amazing that she was able to birth 7 babies, all in good health, more or less. It's sad though that they had to be separated among different hospitals as it is well known in America that multiple birth babies thrive when kept together.