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My son is 7yrs old and suffers from asthma. He gets asthma attacks regularly almost every alternate day. Every time we've to rush and take him to the nearby hospital to get him back to normal. I've seen doctors cure him using a nebulizer. My wife and I are thinking of getting one for home use so that we do not have to take him to the hospital, we can't see him suffer until he's cured. Which nebulizer would be a good option for me to buy for him?


Hi Matt,

Talk to his doctor.

Without the medication, such as albuterol, the nebulizer won't help.  You'll need a prescription.

My concern also would be a "what if."  What if he's not having an asthma attack but you think he is so start the nebulizer treatment?  Now you've delayed getting your son proper medical attention.

Anything reusable would require cleaning or it could be contribute to his asthma problems.  The ones we use in the ambulance/ER are disposable.

Hope it helps.