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i was rushed into a&e with atypical pneumonia. id had a viral infection which felt like a chest infection but when i went to the drs they couldnt hear anything on my chest. 3 days later i was even worse and grey looking, my mom advised me to go to the out of hrs dr. i was given a course of antibiotics and steriods, i had left there 10 minutes and couldnt breathe and was rushed to hospital and woke up in intensive care a week later. i was on a ventilator and at the 1st attempt to take me off it i didnt cope so i had to have the tube put back in. i have been home a month now and i have this pain in the middle of my chest, i have had it now and again but not all the time, it comes and goes. i used to smoke but i havent since and never will again, i have asthma and my peak flow as been good and i have been getting stronger each day


Hi Hazelee,

I've had Asthma my whole life and underwent Sinus surgery, Tonsilectomy and the whole nine. The problem with me was that after the surgery, I was bleeding down the back of my nose(unknowingly), so my lungs were constantly full of mucous and blood, hence bacterial pneumonia. After a few years off and on zithromax and prednisone, a friend of mine forced me to try a Redox Signaling Suppliment.

I had to try this since NOTHING else worked. Let me tell you what happened. After about nine days, I no longer woke in the morning with blood/mucous blobs in my mouth. My cough lessened. After thirty days, I quit using the Nebulizer. After sixty days, I only used Albuterol once a day.

After 120 days, I noticed my cough was gone, Albuterol was being used four times weekly, sleeping through the night and could walk a mile on the treadmill with huffing and puffing (1mile though). I'm saying all this because, this product works.

I have to tell everyone about it! It is 100% native to the body, zero toxicity, zero side effects. A rich man will give his entire fortune to live just one more day, so I'm aware that everyone that needs something, doesn't necessarily want it.