Hi, Several years ago I got off cigarettes and moved to smokeless e-cigs.  I got a chest cold, couldn't breath and went to emergency hospital for nebulizer treatments  and chest x-ray showed I had broken 3 ribs.  Many hours later they sent me home but after 7 days went back to emergency, nebulizer treatments, IV with cortisone but oxygen level was too low and chest x-ray  revealed 4 more broken ribs on other side.  I had been taking Mucinex, albuterol inhaler so I ended up staying in the hospital 6 days.   When I had a nicotine craving I tried using my e-cigs but immediately my chest started to tighten up fast and severe.  I went to an internal medicine doctor that specialized in allergies and asthma too.  He set me up with an action plan using steroid pills, inhaler, Singular, albuterol and nebulizer medicine.  6 months later I craved a cigarette so bad I had a severe axiety attack and broke down and started smoking again.  Now 2 years later I've noticed that I can get by with 5 to 7 cigs a day.  So today I stopped smoking, noticed mucus in lungs and took Mucinex, later I needed by albuterol inhaler and exactly 12 hours since my last cigarette I had no cravings but was wheezing.  I decided to lay in bed for a long nap and as soon as I tried to sit up I couldn't breath and needed my albuterol immediately which helped lessen the shortness of breath.  After 18 hours since my last cigarette, breathing was real bad and just walking slowly 10 feet to the bathroom was horrible.  I am also drinking fluids to slow my breathing but no help.  Almost called 911 but found a cigarette and puffed a little.  I also started my steroid inhaler and almost every 20 minutes needed albuteral this afternoon.  I also took 2 MG diazepam incase part of the problem was freaking out.  20 minutes later I had another cigarette and another an hour later.  I can catch my breath now and make it to the bathroom and back without shallow rapid breathing and have not needed albuterol for 3 hours now and can breath deeply with some congestion.  Thank God!  I have to pee from so many fluids.  If smoking right now is helping I'll just wait till a get more help.  I'm afraid to try and quit again without being an inpatient.  We never found any allergens that trigger asthma and I don't consider myself an asthmatic.  Are there people like me?  Has anyone ever needed inpatient help to quit?  Any insight would be helpful!