My 18 months old son has a cold which started 6 days ago. He has runny nose with clear mucus and some slight wheezing, he has no fever. But the biggest problem he has is that cough he has since Monday. I called doctor and he told me i could give him a cough syrup. We used that and it did help him once, but then the wheezing and cough got worse. Other symptoms didn’t get worse, he still doesn't have fever, and his nose isn't stuffed. He sleeps better tho but his cough is persistent when he's awake. I called doctor today and he mentioned we may use Albuterol. I know it's a medication for asthma. My child don't have an asthma. I was just curious if anyone here has ever had a similar situation and did the Albuterol help? can it be used if cough is not asthma induced? Also would it affect child's sleep? Because I've read that it may cause wakefulness. I'm really not big fan of giving medications for a cold but this persistent cough and wheezing bothers me.