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I had a normal period starting 10/22. Around mid cycle I noticed the subtle symptoms of ovulation: slight cramping, increase vaginal fluid, etc. By a week later those symptoms hadn't gone away, plus I began to urinate more frequently, became Nauseated and fatigued, began having frequent headaches, and my breasts felt heavy and were very achy and sensitive. I thot I was having early pms. My period was due by Wednesday morning of 11/21, but the cramping lightened some & I only lightly spotted from late Thursday evening and stopped by sat morning. Took an hpt sun with fmu: Neg. Tested again yesterday with fmu: Neg. I bled for a few minutes after sex last Sunday evening. I'm still feeling fatigued, hungrier than normal, slight cramps close to center of uterus, and still have more discharge than usual, but its clear and not infectious. Boobs are still achy and sensitive. Any ideas to what's going on?


 Did you wound up being pregnant?