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I am always regular. I have a perfect 28 day cylce. Have had two great children. I have an iud for about 4.5 years. I was due on Jan 28 but about i week later started feeling pregnant, bloated, naussa tired sleepy... by 10 days late i spotted pink just once, but did not worry, i did a home test on day 12.... neg. on the 13 day i began cramping then the spotting got red and heavier but not as heavy as a period. later that evening i passed a whitish tissue looking thing, I went to the doc next day.

She told me that i am not pregnant because the home test says neg and i have an iud. she did not retest and sent me home to return in 2 weeks for a pap smear.

39 days later i return to doc and i am still spotting. She has prescribe norethisterone 10mg 2x daily for 2 weeks and i must return.

I am a little depressed and spent days crying. Did I miscarry oh not? what should i do?

with my last pregnancy i had to test 5 times before it shosed positive, i need i was pregnant even before i was late.


It would be HIGHLY doubtful you miscarried.

With an IUD, you would have had HORRENDOUS cramping associates with a miscarriage, AND you would have likely had an infection.

It is doubtful that pregnancy did occur.