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Hello all. I've been having sleepless nights (and sleep-filled days) continually wondering if there's a possibility I could be pregnant. 10 days ago my boyfriend and I were together, but did not have sex. (There was pre-ejaculate near the opening of my vagina) It was one day before my ovulation, which I've heard is a very fertile time. I'm not on any time of birth control and no condom was used. Ever since then I've had a tough time trying to figure things out, because I've been extremely tired and very nauseated. I've also had many other symptoms (starting about 4 days past ovulation) that I've read can be linked to early pregnancy symptoms such as facial break out, headaches, extreme hunger but then feeling nauseous after eating, frequent urination, and hot flashes, and sometimes even chill flashes. I've also been quite a bit moodier. Around 5 days past ovulation, my lower abdomen began to hurt and I had very slight cramps on both sides(NOT like the cramps i usually get at the beginning of my period). Then, the next afternoon, I began to bleed. It was light at first but then took on the effect of a period. But, the next day it lightened up and was completely gone by the third day, and stayed away for 1 day. Now, today, 9 days past ovulation, my bleeding returned in the afteroon, but it was noticeably lighter (a bit more than spotting though) than my normal periods. Also, this time, the blood seems slightly more pink. My period has NEVER stopped for a day and continued, but I'm surely not ruling that out. It could definitely be stress from wondering! Also, I'm only 18, and I've heard that many young women bleed more at the beginning of pregnancy, but who knows if that's fact or fiction. As far as actual stomach and side pain goes, I havne't been having painful cramping, just noticeable slight cramps in either side and in the middle just below my belly button. I was just wondering if any one else had ever experienced anything similar to my situation. Has anyone else ever had symptoms like these? Has anyone ever had bleeding like this that was in fact a pregnancy? If not, does this sound like mono or any other type of illness? Your help would be MUCH appreciated. Just looking for second opinions. Thanks!


Okay... let me help you sum your situation up:

  • You had "kind of sex" the day before your ovulation
  • You didn't use a condom and aren't using any other contraceptives either
  • You didn't actually have sex, not even withdrawal style, but precum might have been near your vagina
  • Now you have pregnancy symptoms, but they started surprisingly soon after this incident

If that's all right, it's unlikely you are pregnant. You were in a situation where you might well have got pregnant if you had full intercourse, but it's quite difficult for sperm to get from "near your vagina" to your fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg. Especially precum, because that doesn't have so much sperm. 

But you still have pregnancy symptoms. Except nausea, moodiness, headaches, and chills and sweating can all happen due to stress as well. 

If I had a vote, I'd voted stressed and not pregnant. But it's not 100 percent certain.