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Ive been on Yaz birth control for 2 months now.


-my first month was fine. My period came 4 daysbefore I got to the inactive white pills

-I am on my second month now. I am one day from finishing the inactive pills. I have not yet had a period.

-I've been taking Yaz routinely everyday.

-I have taken three ppregnancy tests  the day I missed my period until now. All have been negative.

- I have been having sex relying solely on the pill as a safety precaution.

-I have not been stressed lately or changed my diet.

-I am very tired lately and my breasts are tender but otherwise have no symptoms.


I have extensively researched the subject but I can't find a case that exactly mirrors my own. Does anybody have any experience with Yaz and missing periods, or falling pregnant on birth control? All advice and stories would be greatly appreciated


Most of the time getting pregnant on the pill is due to human error (ex. not taking the pill, taking it at different times, etc.) if you have been taking the pill on time and every day then you are most likely not pregnant. Do you have heavy periods or light ones? Birth control can make your periods lighter, and in some cases might make it disappear. 

I would not worry. Call your lady doctor and simply ask them, I am sure they can reassure you things are normal :)

When I was on the pill my period would come towards the end of the inactive days into the first week of the active and also became extremely light.