Recent research found that a low fat diet could be one of the risk factors for ovarian cancer in post menopausal women. Previous study researched the influence of low fat diet on the risk of breast and coleractal cancer in post menopausal women but it’s not yet confirmed that this diet could be risk of ovarian cancer as well.

Research was based on the dietary modification trials and they were supposed to conclude if the changes in post menopausal women diets had influence on ovarian and endometrial cancers. In the trial, which lasted for eight years, some women ate normally and some were on a low fat diet where they were asked to eat about five servings of fruit and vegetables per day and six servings of whole grains.

Results showed that in the first four year the risk of ovarian cancer was similar but in the next four years the risk was minor in the group who was on the low fat diet. The greatest reduction in risk was in woman who had the highest fat intake before the study. The risk of endometrial cancer was same in both groups.

Effects of low fat diet on ovarian and other cancers are not yet finished and this study provides valuable information for next trials that are supposed to follow.