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I am 27 year old very actice sport person. Since a month or so in my left knee I feel numbness, and it affects my whole left leg. When I am on my bike and pedalling the tigh gets tired and numb, I can not load hard like the right one. Sometimes I can feel all day without doing anything the weekness, and tingling big toe. Also, my left leg close to my knee is 1cm thiner than the right leg. And If I dig my fingers into the muscle is painful, more painful than on the right leg. I did a test on it, and If someone holds my left on and I have to push agains it, I dont have power to hold my leg, on the right side I dont have any problem.
Previously, 3 years ago, I had meniscus operation twice, hopefuly i wont have another one.
Can you give me some advice to get over this very anoying problem.




What you described sounds like it could be several things. It could be related to your lumbar spine (possibly a herniated disc or compressed nerve) or it could be vascular related. My advice to you would be to see your primary care physician and he can evaluate and refer you to the proper specialist if needed.