I had surgery about 13 months ago full diagnoses was complete rupture of ACL, trizonal tear of meniscus, fracture to medial tibial condyle, and second grade MCL and LCL tear. My surgeon said the surgery went great, but was still on crutches for two months. Was walking within a week after getting the okay to ditch the crutches. Was jogging at about the three month mark, but had to keep it easy because on hard surfaces my knee would get really sore very quickly. I started playing pickup basketball at about six months while being very careful, and started playing soccer again at nine months. I had some issues with hamstring issues during that first season back both in the surgical and none surgical leg. As far as strength and mobility I have gotten just about all of that back with only a bit of flexion left to go. The biggest issue that I continue to notice is that my knee has really never come down to the size of the other. It also looks like I have a couple of lumps in and around my knee cap. 

Sorry for the lengthily post, I just figured I would give all of the information that could be relevant. I will also see if it will let me post pictures if that will be of help