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I just had Posterior Decompression & Fusion of the L5-S1.  I had bone on bone and the disc was gone.  My surgeron jacked up the two and inserted a spacer called "Peek".  It is held by two pins and a rod.  This procedure increased the height of the L5.  Since I came to in recovery my left leg and foot are numb and painful to the touch.  Doc says it's not unusual due to the fact he raised up the L5 with the spacer. 

Any comments would be helpful

Tx's,  G


Hello GGG,

I don't see anything unusual about your numbness and pain in you left leg and foot.  You may have some nerves that are being pinched in that region since L5 was raised.  I think the real question is will this go away or is this a permanent condition.  I think that may depend on how well the fusion works.  And, only time will tell.  I hope for your sake, the pain and numbness goes away.  I have several friends who had fusions done but that was back in the nineties.  One was in a helicopter accident.  He's lived with bad pain since them.  I think this type of lesion is individual specific and you're just going to have to wait and see what happens.