I've had numbness on the inside of my right knee since October 2015 it is now Nov 2016. initially I stopped my exercise classes then saw my doctor in the December who sent me to a specialist. first they xrayed my back (lumbar area)first , everything was clear. then they did an MRI , nothing sinister. Then in Jan or Feb they sent me for EMG testing -the specialist said it was definitely not nerve damage and that he thought it was muscular . back to the other specialist for another MRI , this time on my knee and pelvis.  the discovery from that was that I had a bakers cyst at the back of my right knee and the very early onset of arthritis in my left hip. I've left it for some months now but will be going back to my doctors as I have for the past 6 months I've got a weakness at the top of my thighs. I can't stretch them properly to get in and out of the car and pardon this, but I am unable to open my legs and push my knees down to the floor when sitting. Not sure if they're both related but hope I can get sort out the thigh problem as that hurts, the numbness in my knee doesn't - they both just hurt when I kneel down (I'm in my early 40's by the way, so not a spring chicken,bit not exactly old haha) I still cycle and work out in the gym now, just no classes jumping about. hope someone may have some answers. TIA