Recent study found new compounds who have potential anti-depressant activity. Researchers synthesized about 50 compounds in the study and explained that the new molecules affect two brain targets which are considered to be key in the development of processes of depression. One of these is the serotonin transperter and it was already found to be effective in improving mood and the other is serotoninergic receptor 5-HT7 which represents therapeutic target for serotonin whose modulation can provoke anti-depressant effects.

During the study researchers developed chemical structures via the fusion of two similar chemical compounds: the benzo – thiophene ring and arilamine. Then they compared new compound with a drug currently on the market and results of the research discovered that nine of these compounds showed greater affinity than drug on the market.

Aim of this study was to discover whether the new compounds could reduce the minimum time required for anti – depressant drugs to ameliorate the symptoms of the disease.