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so ive been on birth control since 2008. and ive usually been really good about taking my pills on time. but for the last few ive been forgetting and on tuesday i felt sick and threw up, that included throwing up my pill. that night me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and we did the day after too. and i was late on taking my pill, i didnt take my wednesday pill til thursday. so now im scared, and im just wondering if im pregnant and i continue will this miscarry the baby? because last period i had symptoms then i got my period and it was heavier than usual. im just wondering if it's even possible really since ive been on it for so long? im not sure what to do :( is it possible for frequent urination to occur just a week in?


Your most likely not. When you messed up on your pills you tend to get sick. And also birthcontrol can give symptoms of being pregnant when your not.