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Hi. I get myself worried about little things, then can't get it out of my head.

I've been feeling very nauseas (sp?) with wierd feelings in my stomach. When I go to the toilet it is almost diorreah (sp?) like. I sometimes have the opposite and feel constipated.

As my Subject says, I am on the pill. I take it regularly and on time. I have had protected and unprotected sex.

This all started a week after my father died. My boyfriend came over to visit me and my father died in that week (we knew it was coming, pancreatic cancer) and so he stayed with me to make sure I was alright. When he returned home is when I started feeling odd. And yes, we had intercourse during this time.

When I went to visit my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago I felt fine. However, before I went to visit him I saw my doctor and explained my symptoms. He gave me a pill to take 30mins before eating and that gave me AWFUL stomach pains, so I just couldn't eat.

I was just asked to help mum with our other PC, which was stressing me out, and so I didn't think about my tummy and it didn't bother me. Until I stopped and thought about my stomach, then it felt odd.

After reading- Headaches,but generally when I stay up too late. Tiredness. Sort of light headed. Also, a sharp pain in my lower abnimal (sp? againnn) area. I feel almost COMPLETELY fine when with other people. Say, xmas day when we went to visit people. When I got home and felt sorry for myself, it came along again.

I sit here and tell myself that I'm fine, it only bothers me when I'm stressed, upset, bored etc. But when I AM stressed, upset, bored etc. I sit there and convince myself I am of child!!


Hi :-)

I'm kinda having the almost same symptoms and I'm on the pill as well. I was wondering if you ever found out what was going on with you?