A large-scale study shows that one in three babies is conceived by mistake, as a result of missed pills, split condoms or by leaving things to a chance.

In most cases, women are to blame and not contraceptives. Women are active irresponsibly and often forget to take their pills and rarely use the back if something goes wrong. In case of a split condom and missed birth control pill, women are advised to take the morning pills after. However, they just cross their fingers and hope not to stay pregnant. This is exactly how a large number of them conceive.

The last study of this kind was performed 25 years ago, five years after the pills were introduced to the market. The figures from this study hardly differ from those twenty five years ago.

It is obvious that more education is needed on contraception. It should be aimed not just at women but at men as well as they are “half the problem and half the solution.”

The study included around 4, 000 pregnant women. They were asked about the use of contraception and if the timing of their pregnancy was right.

Two thirds of women were trying to get pregnant, a quarter was ambivalent and one in ten did not want to get pregnant. It is obvious that pregnancies are being left to a chance.
It is usually the young women that get pregnant by accident and only 10% tried using the morning pill after.

If the same results appear in other studies with included demographic changes, a lot of work will have to be done to raise awareness about pregnancy risks and ways of preventing them.

If women don’t have a habit of taking the pills every day, they should turn to long-acting contraceptive methods like implants and intrauterine devices, one of the sexual health researchers advises.