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Researchers from the Stanford University found that packaging and branding had a major influence on the kids’ taste, including the youngest ones.

The study included 63 children, aged 3 to 5 years old, who were given five pairs of identical foods and beverages wrapped up in different packages- McDonald's-branded paper and the unbranded kind.

A large number of children found “Mc Donald’s” foods and beverages tastier even though the foods were the same. Surprisingly, the same situation occurred with vegetables and milk.

This study demonstrates that even the youngest population is heavily influenced by advertising. The scientists were shocked as well because although they expected the influence to be present, they did not expect this rate, especially not for the carrots and milk.


Interesting report but not too surprising. I think McDonald's wrappers would have the opposite effect on me though. I get nauseous just thinking about food from that place.