There have been many disagreements from different parties on whether the morning after pill should be allowed to be purchased without prescription. Those who thought that the PLAN B as it is also called, should be available over-the-counter won the debates and the morning pill after became available to all women no questions asked.

A study that was done on its effects showed that the pill failed to cut down the number of pregnancies and abortions which is the pills primary goal. As the availability of the pill improved and its use increased, so did the abortions numbers.

Those who oppose to the pill say that the pills open the door to promiscuity and that more and more youngsters are engaging in sexual activities without playing it safe.

Those in favor of the pill say that there are those women who find the pill helpful and those who act irresponsibly and are putting themselves at risk of pregnancy thinking it won’t happen to them. The survey showed that some women wouldn’t even use the pill even if they had it in their lockers.

The Family Planning Association reported that the plan B was never intended to be a cure for abortion but a valuable option for many women which it proved to be. They also said that the plan B was never supposed to substitute the correct, regular use of contraception.