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Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn performed a study in which they investigated the effects of ovarian removal and estrogen impact on women in different stages of their lives. They found that this sex hormone can have very different effects on the heart, bones and further more on neurological functioning.
The study results showed that oophorectomies, removal of ovaries for prevention of cysts or cancer, done before menopause predisposes women to developing dementia or conditions like Parkinson's. It shows that there is a complex relationship between estrogen and neurological functioning.

Researchers suggest that now when the negative effects of these procedures are known, fewer should be done. In the past, ovarian removals have been so lightly recommended because there hasn’t been much evidence about its negative effects. Today, lack of estrogen is known to effect the heart, lead to hip fractures and neurological disorders.
After investigating women who had undergone the procedure, the researchers found that of about 60 % of women who had both of their ovaries removed received some kind of treatment but that only about 21 % took the treatment all the way to age 50.

Although the study was focused on women who'd had their ovaries removed, the findings are relevant to other aging women too. The question asked is whether something given at one age is protective and beneficial but harmful at another. Initiating estrogen therapy later in life has been found harmful but the question is whether it is helpful at earlier age.

The period between 50 and 65 years of age is uncertain as it cannot be told whether the benefit/risk balance of estrogen therapy is positive although there are hints that it may be useful between 50 and 60.

In general, the recommendation hasn’t changed. Each women should be looked at individually and discuss her own situation with a doctor. Her family history as well as other risk factors need to be taken into account before accepting the option of having her ovaries removed.


Hi Danny,

This is Mousumi who justs wants to have some more information.What kind of complications can it lead if removal of uterus is done.
Please provide immediate help as this is very crucial for my mother who is planning to have her uterus removed.She is facing problems like bodyaches,headaches,backaches ..etc prior to menses.She has not yet reached her menopause.She is in her late forties.