Hi. I would like some advice please. I have started to have a number of symptoms in my genital area. I have just got over a bad cold with fever and have recently been very stressed. I have a IUD fitted, had a recent clear smear test and am sexually active. I actually had a very active session with my partner a few days before symptoms started and I am worried I have either done myself damage or my IUD has shifted and some kind of infection has set in. I have been bleeding a bit since and I am between periods.
I have a bad pain in both sides of my groin, and this pain seems to have spread to the sides of my buttocks too. Both areas of pain are itchy, and at night the pain and itching is keeping me awake and I seem to be sweating in this area at night, which makes the itching worse. However it's the pain that is the predominant symptom. If I squeeze my buttocks I can feel the pain radiate as though you have spent a whole day with diarrohea (if that makes sense!!). And the groin pain is all the way to my ovary area. My vulva is also a little itchy.
I don't have any discharge issues. I have had some bleeding from my vagina. Mostly after having sex. I have looked with a mirror and cannot see anything out of the ordinary. A couple of weeks ago I had a small itchy spot on one side of labia, but that seems to have gone. Nothing else.
I am worried I have an STD, or pelvic inflammatary disease or an infection via my IUD. I can't get a docs appointment for nearly a week. Please help!