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Late teens male here. Recently I've been passing stools more. Usually of typical color, sometimes very dark brown. Very occasionally pass mucusy substance if stomach is acting up, often blood on tissue.

For a while I kept getting stabbing pains come and go in my sides (usually right side) below the ribcage. This happened occasionally for months, randomly.

For the last week I've been extra fatigued than normal, random nausea. I had a sharpish wind-like pain in my lower right abdomin that would come and go. It hurt more when breathing deeply, but then would disappear. Now its kind of become a more persistent ache, that occasionally goes during the mid day but is back at evening +. Seems to be worse when sitting or laying. Hard to notice when standing or walking.

The pain will radiate to nearer my right hip, and seems to sometimes feel as if its going down to my knee, or my thigh, or my groin area. Occasionally its back over the appendix area. It also often begins to hurt on my left side, or ache on both sides of my lower back (more often left than right).

Did the "self tests" for appendicitis. Jumping up and down = nothing. Laying down and raising right leg = no increased or lesser pain. Placing pressure and releasing = nothing. Could it still be appendicitis?

The aches are very subtle in pain, but are just nagging me and won't go after a week (keeps fading in and out).  

Very slight burning when peeing, often yellow urine. Very light stinging sometimes after masturbation. Yesterday I needed to pee twice in an hour. My drinking habits are poor, I often drink only a couple or three glasses in the day, have a habit of holding in urine esp. at night where I wake up every morning with my bladder practically bursting and in discomfort and pain holding it in to the point I feel nausea and get gas from it (sounds terrible in hindsight but I'm morning-lazy). 

Drinking seems to make it flare a little more. Could it be a bladder infection?

Family history: IBS, colon cancer, possible intolerance to wheat but unconfirmed. Possible signs of IBS?

My history: a hernia several inches above my belly button. Stress / anxiety that manifests in stomach issues. 


Having very similar symptoms. Did you ever see a doctor or find out anything?