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I am a 23 yr old. I have never had sex. There is blister/bump formation on groin and penis (lower surface of penis touching the groin) and hair growth from the root of each bump. The bumps are dark and there is persistent itching on my groin and penis due to this. I see this spreading now onto the penis and also leading to hair formation on it. I once squeezed one of the bumps, and this threw out a thick pus-like thing out. The itch is increasing continuously.

The blisters when scratched cause irritation. These blisters are hard and spreading, thus leading to hair growth in newer areas. I have visited a doctor, who diagnosed it as a genital infection and advised to apply a particular cream, but this didnt help.

Pls advise. I need a solution to my Itch, blister and hair formation.


to be honest with you it sounds like herpes. has a girl ever gave you head? or you rub on a girls private areas? that could be why. you need to see your dr.