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Hi, I'm an 18 year old female and I dont know the exact terminology on it so I put groin area. Its kinda on that anyway.

I've had this slightly hard spot not too big and it was hard.. figuring its just a simple old boil skin gotten hard or something I left it, never gave any trouble until 2 days back. It was itching kinda and its hard and under the skin. It seems to have gotten inflamed and more of a lump before it was just under the skin and not bumpy now it is. Is this a form of cancer? Is it a something major to worry about?


Hi there,

I have to tell you that many people experience this. In most cases this lump is just enlarged lymph node that reacts to some infection in that area of the body. How long have you been having this issue? I know that this can be cause by any infection, like yeast infection which is fungal infection. Also it can be caused by viral or bacterial infection as well. SO try to see if you have any inflammation somewhere near your groin area and try to treat it and the swollen lump node will disappear on its own after few days. I hope this helped in any way.


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