I have had 4 caesars and on the last one i also had my tubes tied. A short while after it i had an internal bleed and was taken back into surgery and was given a blood transfusion. For the first 12mths after that i had pelvic and back pain everyday and had a laporoscopy done but they couldnt find anthing. After that i was just having the pain when i got my periods. But lately the pain has has been everyday and it is stretching up my right side and if i press down anywhere from the bottom of my ribs to the sides to my  belly button and to the top of my stomach i feel like im going to throw up. the pain seems to radiate mostly in my back to the right of my spine. I have had my gall bladder out so i know it isnt that. Have had ct scans and ultrasound but found nothing. I there is anyone who might have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.