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I am 45 and very worried. My breast have been very painful for the last 6 weeks i mean they wake me up when i am sleeping.

They are bigger as well, i feel like i am ready to breast feed my baby.

The pain goes from my nipple right round to the sides where i feel like someone is lighting a match inside i am so worried.

HELP !!!!!


Hi, it is certain you should see a doctor because six weeks is certainly a period to think about. There are two types of breast pain and one is related to hormonal changes, also called cyclic pain, and another one is not and it is called non-cyclic breast pain (of course).

A doctor will perform a physical exam and go through your history, family history, look at where it hurts and for how long and how this pain influences your life and every day’s activities.
A doc will check the whole area manually i.e. perform clinical breast examinations and if s/he suspects anything, s/he will order mammography or an ultrasound. If nothing is found, then the treatment may depend on the severity of the pain, some women don’t even need treatment.

Until you see a doc, you should wear a good fitting bra, reduce your caffeine intake, try to cut out stress or manage it somehow as it may be causing the pain.

Making an appointment would be the best thing to do.