Even those parties where parents are present, and not to mention those where they are not, abound with alcohol and drugs but parents seem to close their eyes in front of this situation. The situation is worrisome because such behaviors at parties often lead to many unwanted side effects.

The survey was conducted on 1,300 teens and 562 parents of teens. It was found that one in three teens have been to the party with alcohol and drugs while their parents and the parents of the children who made parties knew nothing about the parties.

The parties are full of alcoholic beverages, pot, ecstasy, even cocaine and prescribed medication.
The lack of involvement, denial and self-delusion are the three most common adjectives describing parents. They need to wake up and smell the “fun”. About 80 % of parents believe alcohol and marijuana usually aren't available at parties their teens attend. This is probably why they never check where their children are going and if parents would be present as well.

Children even reported drinking alcohol while parents were present and many of them even managed to sneak in some of the drugs.

Researchers urge parents to open their eyes to try to prevent at least some damage. Although their presence may not guarantee a substance-free party, it will at least reduce the chances.