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Is my drinking normal or is it becoming a problem?

I am in college, and I started drinking when I was in high school. I only drank a few times in high school, but once I got into college I started drinking almost every weekend. I only look forward to the weekends, because that is when I can drink and go out. It wasn't til this year where I started drinking a lot heavier. Almost every weekend at college I would binge drink. I would have about 7 drinks a night on both friday and saturday, sometimes more and sometimes less. After the past 2 years of college, i began to build a tolerance and I am beginning to black out very frequently. I also have started to hide my drinking from my roommates, since they told me I should try to drink less so I do not keep blacking out. I have also begun to drink a little on the weekdays sometimes in the afternoon, and I try to hide that from my roommates too. I do not know if my drinking is a problem or not, because I am not addicted to it. I can't tell if it is a problem, or if I just enjoy doing it like most college students do. I can go a few days without drinking and everything is okay. The only thing that concerns me is that I always think about drinking. When I am not drinking, I plan certain times that I can drink. Alcohol has not interfered with any of my relationships, and it has not interfered with my school work, so does that mean that my drinking is not problematic?


Hi Kc,

You DO have a drinking problem.

Binge drinking is an indicator.  You are blacking out, that is an indicator.  You are hiding it from your roomates, that is an indicator.  You are starting to drink in the afternoon, that is an indicator.  You are always thinking about drinking, that is an indicator.  You seem to plan your week around drinking, that is an indicator.

You are asking -- that means you think you have a problem.

Binge drinking is harmful to your body and so are blackouts.  Are you addicted, it's hard to say.  Can you stop, not just for a few days to a week but for several months?  Try it, one day at a time.

You're young.  It may not impact your relationships or school work now but what happens later in life?

Think about it.  Maybe try a support group - many college health offices offer them.

Good luck.



I hate to tell you this. The min you start to question yourself as to weather or not you have a problem. You already know the answer. The thing is you may question if it's a problem and start to seek help. The bad thing is you will deny that you have a problem also. You will probably go back and forth on it. This is a normal thing everyone does.

Even if your on the fence. I would recommend that you go to an AA meeting. They are full of people who are all in different stages of recovery. Please do this as soon as you can. You do not want to be a 32 year old who is already dieing due to drinking. I never want anyone else to one day look into a mirror and see a person they don't k Iw. To see that their skin is gray. To one day realize that no one they have ever loved are still there.

I've had to watch my high school sweetheart slow die. We didn't see on another for over 10 years. By the time I came back into his life. It was already to late. Last week we were told he won't live over a year. He was told that any alcoholic drinks at this point will only speed up the time line.

The first thing he did was go straight to the store and get alcohol. He sit there crying and talking me how sorry he was. How he couldake himself stop drinking even now. I will never forget that heartbreaking sight for the rest of my life.

I dont want anyone to ever go through that. I beg of you to go to meeting more then one a week and just listen. See if anyone's stories hit home with you. Take that step please.