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Hello! Here is my smoking history- pack a day for 4 years, I quit in 2012 for about a year, then lost my father and, like an id**t, I started to smoke again. This would be about a pack every 2-4 weeks, sometimes I would go 3-4 weeks without a cigarette, from February 2013 until now. My smoking has been very sporadic. I had 3 cigarettes late Thursday night, (Nov 13th) and am now 18 days smoke free (and hopefully permanently). They were non-menthol cigarettes. I went in for my urine test this afternoon for my upcoming surgery. I have been exercising about 3 days a week, drinking a moderate amount of water (more than usual) and drinking pomegranate juice (for the anti-oxidant properties). How concerned should I be?

I do not know if my lab uses a quantitative or qualitative test. I bought 3 at home qualitative test (cut off 200 ng/mL) and I passed each one.

Thank you!


For light smokers, 3-4 days is enough to have negative urine test result. But for a passive smoker like you, the presence of nicotine can be seen for as long as 15 to 20 days. But since you are tested for cotinine, you need longer time to excrete this. However, I believe that you will pass the test since you are doing certain activities, such as exercise and taking a lot of water.