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I had a pap done yesterday and it will be a while before i get the results back. I had ovarian cysts two years ago but did not have the symptoms I'm having now.
I have missed my period for two months, not pregnant, have been swollen and tender through the lower abdomen, pelvic region, back pain, pain predominately on my left side and into the inguinal area. It has since spread to the right side, the cervical area, and hips. My bowel habits have changed immensely. I had constipation and narrowed stools for about 2 weeks, so I took magnesium citrate. This helped relieve pressure, but now I can hardly hold it when I have to go, it's very little at a time, and an odd color. My pelvic exam was extremely painful but there is no discharge, odor, or bleeding from the cervix.
I get short of breath (I've had a respiratory infection) from the slightest movement...but not all the time. I'm extremely tired and not able to complete daily household tasks without many breaks, and sometimes not then either.


What was it??? I've had the same thing but I dont have insurance to get checked so I'm hoping for something less scary than an ectopic pregnancy!