I am 34 and had a hysterectomy at 29. They left in one ovary. But here is the problem and my concern. I have had a history of ovarian cyst that rupture. It is very painful. But lately I have had the symptoms of both sides and I only have one ovary. Last night it was real bad and lasted for about 5 hrs then demished. It really worries me. It was a sharp constant pain in my right lower pelvic area. I have also had my appendix and gallbladder removed. Im not sure what is causing this pain. It would worsen when I moved the slightest and if I pressed on it. What could cause the symptoms of a ruptured cysts when I have not ovary? Has anyone else experienced this? I am recovering from a severely broken leg and I am in a straight leg cast and a wheelchair so it is very hard to get to a doc right away. Any help would be appreicated. Thanks in advance