My name is Antonia & I'm 37 years old.

I suffer from endometriosis and had my last lot of surgery last year. Since then, my periods have been irregular, but they have always eventually arrived.

This time around I am very, very late. I was due to start on July 13th, but the one before that was 5 days late & the one before that was 2 days late. I think that the latest I've been is about 10 days late.

This one is coming up to being 5 weeks late.

I have got increasingly bad pelvic pain & very heavy, but relatively clear discharge. Sometimes I think that my period has started, but it's just more discharge.

About 2 weeks ago I had a really nasty tummy bug, and still wasn't feeling well by Friday. I saw two GPs in the end & had an internal examination. They think that I've got a pelvic infection & have put me on double amounts of antibiotics. I've so far done 2 pregnancy tests & they've both been negative.

I've still got discharge & pain - really bad pain on my left side & really bad cramps (as in I think i'm about to come on...but then i don't...) and I don't feel at all well. I feel sick all of the time - but i don't know if it's the antibiotics making me feel sick now.

They were worried about an ectopic pregnancy, but i've only got one ovary - on the right side. Has anyone here heard of a left ectopic pregnancy from a right ovary? Even if it was an ectopic pregnancy, that would show up on a pregnancy test, wouldn't it?

I'm slowly going out of my mind here - and know I should do another pregnancy test. I'm seeing my GP tomorrow for an update, as I'm about to go back on hormones for my endo....

Has anyone else had this? If so, please let me know?

Thank you for listening :-)