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Hi, I'm a fit, 22 yr old male and I've been having this problem for about two years, but it got much worse the last couple of months. I have almost constant abdominal pain (sometimes with cramps) and bloating. Pain is most common just under the ribcage (mostly on left side, but also on the right). Also, I feel discomfort in my left pelvic area, especially when sitting.

Things that make the pain/bloating worse (in order):
Sex or masturbation (this REALLY makes things bad), stress/tension/excitement, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol.
Also, sometimes when I just pull my penis skin a bit harder (I have phimosis, that's another problem) I can feel the pain going from the pelvis to the upper abdomen.

I quit (or reduced to a minimum) doing all those things, started eating almost exclusively cooked, fresh food and fruits, plus doctor gave me antacids and some other pills that should help with bowel disorder. I've been on this treatment and diet for 6 weeks and still no improvements. What should I do next? Gastroscopy,colonoscopy,blood tests? If anyone has any ideas I would be really thankful cause this thing is ruining my social life and sometimes I get really depressed.


I just wanted to say that I found out what was wrong with me, in case someone has similar symptoms. I have inguinal hernia and I'm scheduled to have surgery in a few days. I didn't even notice the bulge in my groin area under the pubic hairs. I feel so relieved now, cause all the time I thought I had some serious bowel problems