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A new study on nutritional benefits and proper dieting have been organized again and this time has low-calorie diet been linked with slaw aging process.

However, if you had thought that just cutting down on your chips and burger portions would be enough, you have mistaken.

What it matters is low calorie intake with optimal nutrition in order to delay primary aging in humans.

It has been showed that hearts stiffen and pump less effectively in older people, but ultrasounds showed that the hearts of the people on caloric restriction appeared more elastic than those practice typical western diet and that their hearts relaxed between beats in a way that is similar to the hearts of younger people.

Additionally, people with low calorie intake had lower heart disease and inflammatory markers and “The Western’s”.

Not to forget, we should repeat that eating less is not a calorie restriction. Low calorie intake involves optimal nutrition and the choice of healthy foods.

Calorie restriction with malnutrition and bad food choices only accelerates aging and causes severe diseases.


Hello Lori,

I think it's been known for a long time that low-carolie diets are healthier.  We know that fasting periodically increases longevity so it is a good idea to fast on and off.  Much of this has to do with a protein known as IGF-1 which when over-expressed activates programmed cell death in cells.  Over-expression comes about by eating too much and high calorie intake.  Fasting and having a low-cal diet decreases the production of this protein.  What that does is allows cells to repair themselves so they are healthy preventing programmed cell death and in term slowing down the aging process.  I fast periodically.