I am 31 yrs and have been on metformin 4 years now for PCOS, which keeps me very regular with AF, June aunt flow showed up a week early and now for Jult instead of having my regular period I got Brown stringy discharge (sorry for details) only sometime when i go to the bathroom, then its not doing it everyday so like saturday i did twice one sunday once monday nothing tuesday once wednesday nothing thursday twice friday & saturday nothing sunday twice monday nothing and tuesday and wednesday twice. this has been going on for 10 days now, have to wait a week before i can see my dr. I am getting pains low left side occasionally, I have askede different people and come up with tons of defferent answers, that a cyst popped, another said implantation was 12 days long, Family Member) so i am all confused..... not sure if relevent but urine is also very dark yellow