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I need someone to help tell me what is wrong.

My periods have always been very irregular, almost always falling in the 5-6 week range instead of 4. I am going into being three weeks late and am starting to worry. I have gained quite a bit of weight and have been eating alot. I feel like I am on my period, occasional cramps, back pain, aching breasts, and I occasionally feel like I am bleeding, but I look and there is nothing. I have had unprotected sex twice since my last period, using the pull-out method as our only form of birth control, but that said we are very careful and I am 100% sure we have pulled out in time every time.

I am also under an intense amount of stress. I was just told I may be leaving the country for my year abroad with ONE WEEK notice. I am stressed over leaving plus, I cannot be pregnant while I am abroad, I don't know what is available to me while I am away.

I am 17 to top it all off and my parents CANNOT know that I am sexually active... I may very likely be disowned if they were to find out I am sexually active, let alone if I was to be pregnant.

Someone, HELP.


Ok Guest

My first thing i am going to say is the Pull out method is not a 100% any form of birth control as he can have sperm in his pre-ejaculation (just b4 his big "O")So you need to be on oral contraception as well

Stress is another Factor on Playing with your period it can make it run Very late and give you signs of your period coming and it not arrive at all or AT ALL

And Parent even though they can seam like they will disown you are usually very Mad and upsett but they are usually come around


Sometimes gaining weight can delay or make the period irregular, also stress is a very common way of delaying periods or you could otherwise be pregnant, do a pregnancy test of it comes up negitive, it could be stress so just try and relax but be active and stay away from fatty and salty foods and hopefully you will have a period :) hope i helped and i hope i wasn't to late :)