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So I can't find any answers to my question. So, me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex quite often. He uses the "pull out" method (no I don't want to hear you tell me how that's stupid). I can't remember when my last period started, I'm guessing around from Dec 10-13. It's not Jan. 16, and no period. No pregnancy symptoms, I'm super stressed, I'm tired a lot, but that's because I stay up late stressing out. Wondering if stress could be a problem with it. I'm going to take a pregnancy test soon if it doesn't start. But I have skipped around. Like, my period was on the 29th, but then changed to the 10th. My period, I guess you could say is irregular. So, any thoughts? Please none that will stress me out more.


Stress sometimes delays periods, and you are not regular anyway. But how often do you have unprotected sex? Did you have it during your fertile days?

Periods were 29th, and now 10th - did that suddenly happen, or was it gradual over time? If you have a 28-day cycle, then in 9 months the 29th could become 10th:

  • 29-Jan 26-Feb 26-Mar 23-Apr 21-May 18-Jun 16-Jul 13-Aug 10-Se

However anytime you have sex there is a chance of pregnancy, and so if you are still having unprotected sex you could still get pregnant. The test will only show up after implantation, so if ovulation were significantly delayed, you could still get pregnant.

I hope this helps as a start.