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In the world today we encounter health problems big and small. Some caused by the stresses in our lives & environment and some caused by hereditary factors + our lives & environment. Often when we get faced with irritating/troublesome symptoms we don't know why it is happening and most of the time neither does our doctor. Ultimately, I believe how we react to all these stresses is the one of the core causes for sickness or health problems. Most of the ways that our body's react to stress are learned and likely do not elevate health, they in fact can create more stresses and begin a vicious unhealthy cycle that can create more symptoms or create more intensity for the symptoms already experienced.

I suffered the most with poor health between ages 22-25. I learned how to binge sweet foods when under pressure from friends and family (at an early age which I had been doing up until age 25).  I consumed excess amounts of caffeine on a regular basis to stay awake during class and to stay up all night to finish projects. I wasn't eating right, I included no veggies in my diet. I never learned any recipes that included greens, so I never ate them. Didn't get enough fiber in my diet either. To make a long vicious cycle short, I realized as my stress accumulated from everyday life (on top of my unhealthy lifestyle) my reaction to stress presented itself in the form of avoidance. I began depriving myself from HW breaks & work breaks to keep working. As everything got worse, I developed hypoglycemia which means low blood sugar.  Because I didn't eat any greens to balance my carb intake my blood sugar would skyrocket and then fall fast, often causing me to pass out shortly after I ate. I also experienced bouts of depression and anxiety because I wasn't getting enough or any vitamins in my normal diet. 

During most of those 3 years I was only treating the symptoms, I took an anti-depressent and an anti-anxiety medicine, and when I remembered I took vitamin supplements. Undoubtedly, I was still getting worse, because I wasn't aware that my habits for dealing with stress in general was so degrading to my body. I couldn't see the cycle I had developed and I couldn't see that I unknowingly caused my own unhealthy state. 

In no way am I trying to preach. I'm just sharing my experience and if you want, you can share too. Now I am 200% better, still not perfect about eating habits, but I definitely 200% better! I participated in a study abroad, Fall 2010 in Chengdu, China. It was amazing in all aspects and in no way did I have room to be picky about what I ate! I learned when dreadfully hungry, I was game for consuming anything, when in the U.S. I'd have undoubtedly turned up my nose. I learned that in China they make & consume meals that are equally as delicious as they are good for ones health. Eating is about variety just as much as it is about eating what will give you the most energy for the day. I've cut all desires connected with sugary sweet foods, and it was easy to do in China, because most of their sweets are mildly sweet and naturally sweet, not overkill sweet like in the U.S. It was also in China that I mapped out my vicious unhealthy cycle.  

Without this realization, I would have never been able to cure the cause of my symptoms. I no longer suffer from hypoglycemia, depression, nor anxiety, I don't have troubles sleeping, I don't get panic attacks, I don't experience a racing heartbeat when I'm not doing anything, and I'm full of energy. And I couldn't be happier.  China definitely wasn't my cure-all, I had many outlets to my personal growth that helped me recover. I received 1-on-1 and group counseling for my depression and anxiety for about a year. I also have read many helpful books before I realized my self damaging bad habit cycle.  

Thanks for reading :-) Best Wishes toward great health :-)


Thanks for your story!  I will try to eat healthier.  I may be doing this to myself.