Alright, to start off my girlfriend ended her period on Tuesday. so me and my girlfriend had sex with a condom on the following Sunday, (5 days later) and I realized the condom had broken, BUT this may sound odd but it was the 4th time we had sex that day, so I don't think I had much sperm to give. I didn't see any and she didn't feel any once I realized the condom broke. So I got her plan B and she took it 3 hours after the condom broke. She is starting to get the symptoms of plan B as it has been a week since she took the plan B. And she is supposed to start her next period on the 19th. Consider the facts that: 1. It was 4th time having sex 2. She took plan B within 3 hours 3. I don't think she would be in ovulation. What are the chances she is pregnant? I am very worried to the point I have thrown up from being so nervous. I just want an honest answer. Thank you.